My little fucking sister always fucking breaks my shit and then hides it – pretending she’s fuckin innocent. Well I got news for you – she’s a little fuckin whore and as far as I’m concerned, you can all fuck her as hard as you want. In fact, last time the little cunt broke something of mine – I found this cool add in the paper. This old dude in my town runs this perverted fuckin website where pissed-off brothers can film their own sisters making their first porn video. Well, fuck me – my sister is a little whore so why the fuck not?

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Anyway, I drug her ass down to this dude’s place and he handed me a camera and proceeded to fuck my little sister as hard as he could. It was fuckin awesome – watching my sister wince as he slammed his big cock in and out of her sloppy little cunt. If it hadn’t been my cunt of a sister, it would have turned me fuckin on – but that little slut deserved to hurt – after all, the little cunt fuckin broke my fuckin play-station.

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Fuck yes I hold a grudge – and to be able to film my little sister getting grudge-fucked was fuckin awesome. The little cunt kept moaning like it really hurt but I know the slut was fuckin lovin it. Her fucking titties were slapping all the fuck over the place – it was fuckin awesome.

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This old fucker had the grudge-fuck thin down pat – he slammed her little cunt hard as he pulled her hair and then he choked the little fuckin slut till she was fuckin blue – had her beggin for more of his thick fuckin cock as she looked to me for fuckin mercy -fuck no – no brother should pass up on the chance to get this kind of revenge! If your sister does you fuckin wrong, the little cunt should fuckin suffer!

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So the old dude fucked her so hard that the little cunt won’t fuckin walk right for a fuckin week then he shot a huge load of hot fuckin cum deep in my sister’s cunt then pulled his cock out of my sister and sprayed the rest of his cum all over my sister’s floppin fuckin titties. It was fuckin awesome. Best fcukin part was that I got to film the whole fuckin thing! Damn near as hot as if I had grudge-fucked my sister myself – but then, that would just be fuckin wrong…………. Cunt had better never piss me off again.


Oh – almost forgot – you can see the entire fuckin sister porn video at – tell my sister to fuck off!

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